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Do You Need a Financial Therapist?

David Hemler, CFP®

Hmmm. Good question. And the answer is…it depends. While most of us don’t need to consult a financial therapist, many of us do have some behavioral finance issues or money biases that affect how we enjoy our financial prosperity. Sound about right? Don’t worry; you’re not alone.

As humans, we possess many characteristics that both enlighten and impact our lives. We inherit our physical characteristics, while many of our mental or emotional characteristics we pick up from our environment and upbringing.  My money behaviors may have roots established when I was very young.  One aspect of behavioral finance is to explore our financial views and behavior to try and understand what makes us tick, financially speaking.  You may be wondering, “Does it matter?” Maybe, or maybe not.

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What to Ask Before the College Tour

Aaron Puckett, MBA, CFP®

Recently, one of my clients said, “You can only be as happy as your least happy child.” While I’m not certain that I completely agree, the point that she was making certainly hits home. For those of us with children, our hearts are bound to them and we desire very strongly for their happiness and well-being. When your child enters their junior year of high school, and you begin the journey of selecting a college or university for them to attend, don’t underestimate the influence of your heart. Why? Because no matter how much you’ve planned ahead and saved in a 529 college plan or elsewhere, at the end of the day your desire for your child to be happy will often undermine your ability to select the college that offers the most value for them over the long-term.

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