Ask an Advisor: What Services Do You Offer?


David: 00:09
Hello, I’m David Hemler with Puckett and Sturgill Financial Group. And I’m here today as a part of the ask advisor series and with Deborah Williams, one of our certified financial planner professionals. And one of the questions that was sent into us, Deborah, is what kind of services does Puckett and Sturgill Financial Group offer to folks who need our help?

Deborah: 00:29
Right. Good question. We offer probably too many services that we’re able to list. I’ve actually been involved in wedding planning before once. But in general we’re independent certified financial planners, and so we strive to provide an unbiased and comprehensive financial advice, and that involves working closely with CPAs and attorneys to make sure that we’re looking at the whole financial picture and everything is well coordinated. So it depends on what the client’s certain situation is, but we can go into any of the different areas of financial planning, which would be investments, insurance, risk management, college planning, taxation.

David: 01:10
Very comprehensive approach.

Deborah: 01:12
Right. Retirement planning is a big one. Estate planning is another big one that we are involved with often with clients. Initial consultations are at no charge, and it’s in that stage where we do a risk assessment and then we can also provide investment and insurance reviews if needed.

David: 01:30
So that’s wonderful. So it’s a quite an array of opportunity for folks that meet with us to gain access to a lot of knowledge about their unique circumstances and situations.

Deborah: 01:40
That’s right. And it’s actually an ongoing process. So then we encourage regular reviews. And because of the team approach that we have, and we range in ages from 30 to 60, we have a lot of experience to help clients with and they also are not going to be alone. There’s going to be a backup advisor and a continuity plan in place.

David: 02:00
Yeah, that’s really important. I know that that’s important, not only for our clients, but also for the advisor group as well.

Deborah: 02:07
Right. It’s definitely a strength.

David: 02:09
Well, thank you. That was a wonderful answer and hopefully that was helpful for you folks out there who are asking the questions and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any other questions. We’re happy to answer them. Thank you.

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